Great South Bay Power Squadron offers:

Boat Operators Certification

Great South Bay Power Squadron is excited to announce that the Boat Operators Certification (BOC) training program will be offered for the very first time this summer! The BOC is a combination of courses, seminars, On the Water Training, and hands-on skills training that will provide you with an excellent background for successfully operating your vessel as well as give you the tools for complete confidence on the water. And you’ll be sure to have lots of fun with your course-mates while completing it, too!

During this certification process, you will learn and then be asked to demonstrate some basic boating handling skills to an Inland Navigator Certifiers (IN Certifier). Upon successful completion of these on-the-water demonstrations and the required course work, you will be granted your Inland Navigator Certification.*

The cost for the BOC On Water Training & Starter Kit is $70.**

Lunch will be provided on the day of the on water training.

Additionally, all students enrolled in BOC with Great South Bay will receive a 15% discount on all courses and seminars in 2017 (not just those related to BOC)


PLEASE NOTE: BOC is ONLY available for U.S.P.S. Members

*If you have completed portions of this in the past, you do not need to retake the course or seminar; credit will be given and some seminars can be skipped if a superior advanced grade has already been obtained.  E.g.“How to Use a Chart” can be skipped by students who have the Grade of P. 

**This does not include any seminars or courses you may need. 

Register for BOC here!

Register for BOC here!