Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team
631.533.2628     VHF 6 & 16

SERAT 08-01     24′ Steiger Craft ‘Moonlight Shadow’ 

What is SERAT

The Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team (SERAT) is an arm of The United States Power Squadrons whose mission is to render assistance to boaters, the U.S.C.G., fire departments, law enforcement and other agencies in the event of a water related emergency. The duties are to provide a Team of highly qualified and experienced boaters with detailed knowledge of local waters who are willing to offer their time and effort to assist in the event of an emergency and other routine safety patrols. These may include water rescue, water search and rescue, water related patrols and help in securing an area in the event of an emergency. Sector 08 – Great South Bay has set membership requirements that demand SERAT personnel have more specialized or additional equipment that the average boater would have on board, such as special identifying life jackets, identifying lights and flags and comprehensive First Aid Kits. Additionally the standards developed by the Team require that, all SERAT Captains have spent years training in the classroom and on the water before being granted the title of ‘Captain’. All SERAT Members are required to have an active First Aid & CPR/AED training as well as various other safety trainings that are conducted jointly with the U.S.C.G. and local departments.

History of SERAT

As all USPS members know assisting vessels in distress is nothing new to the United States Power Squadrons. In fact the rescue of sailing vessels by power boats in 1914 played a major role in the formation of USPS. Approximately 9 years ago at a Squadron Safe Boating Course, Captain Tim Barrett of the Sanibel Fire/Rescue District approached Course Instructor Jim Strothers with a concern. His concern was “What if there was a plane crash in our area and what types of resources are available?” This vision occurred a few years later in the crash landing of the US Airways jet on the Hudson River. After many years of planning by members of the Sanibel Captiva Sail and Power Squadron along with Sanibel Fire/Rescue District, SERAT was officially presented to the public in September 2005 as the Sanibel Emergency Response Assistance Team. Since its beginning the dedicated members of the Team have developed a highly organized response unit that incorporates many of the programs within USPS bringing the original rescue of vessels in distress into the 21st Century

SERAT  Active Membership Requirements*

U.S. Power Squadron Membership
Grade: Pilot
First Aid Certification
CPR/AED Certification
FEMA ICS/NIMS Certification
Miscellaneous training provided by GSBPS

S.E.R.A.T. Membership Application – Click HERE

*auxiliary members do not have the same requirements 

We Also provide Safety Patrols for Water Related Events including:

  • On the Water Parades

  • Boat Races Security Perimeters

  • Canoe/Kayak Races/Events

  • Fleet Blessing

  • Tall ship escorts
  • All Water Events

  • Salvage / Recovery Perimeters

To request an escort or security detail please e-mail