The Rendezvous East Trophy is a perpetual award presented annually at the Fall Conference. The winner of the trophy is determined by a point system based on their distance to the rendezvous location and the number of boats in attendance relative to the total membership of the squadron. Up through 1996, Rendezvous East was held in Sag Harbor. In 1997 it moved to the Montauk Yacht Club, and in 2004 was relocated to the American Wharf Marina in Norwich, CT.

The idea of this Rendezvous Trophy was jointly conceived by members of Patchogue Bay Power Squadron and Peconic Bay Power Squadron. The original trophy was donated by Peconic Bay and first awarded in 1967. It too, was an annual award; however it carried a stipulation, any Squadron that won it three times would be entitled to keep it. The originators thought this feat would be difficult to achieve given the number of boats that attended the rendezvous and the competition that existed. By winning the trophy in 1968, 1969, and 1970, Patchogue Bay took possession of the first trophy.

To continue the award, the following year Patchogue Bay donated a new trophy for presentation with the same contest rules applying. It didn’t seem likely that a Squadron could dominate the competition again. However, the Great South Bay achieved that accomplishment in 1973 by winning the second trophy for the years 1971, 1972 and 1973.

The following year, Great South Bay took the initiative to reinstate the award and renew the competition for it. This time however, the “three consecutive wins” rule was dropped to assure that the award would be a perpetual one. The Squadron purchased the present trophy and deeded it to the District in 1974. It is a large handsome trophy cup mounted on a two tiered walnut pedestal. In the spirit of sportsmanship, the Great South Bay Power Squadron declared itself ineligible for the award that year. The Oyster Bay Squadron won the award. Since its inception in 1974, the third and present Cruise and Rendezvous Trophy has been won by Great South Bay Power Squadron twenty-six out of thirty-two years, including SIXTEEN years in a row. The only other Squadron to win the award was the Patchogue Bay Power Squadron.

Each year the USPS Commnications Committee reviews publications and websites and considers organizations for the Distinctive Communicator Award. Criteria for this award can be found elsewhere on this website and they are different for each category; publications and websites. Those districts and squadrons recognized in either or both categories reflect an effort that meets or exceeds these criteria and all members of each district and squadron who supported these efforts are to be congratulated for their work and dedication throughout the year. Their efforts not only serve to inform their membership but also other USPS members and, of course, members of the public. It goes without saying that every member of each district and squadron so recognized should feel proud of their organization’s accomplishments.