On-Water Training Programs

Jump Start

Free on-water training offered to the public.

The Jump Start Program is a free boat handling course provided by Great South Bay. The training program is a hands on, one-on-one on-the-water training session with a student on their own boat.

To learn more about the Jump Start program click here

Boat Operator Certification

Open to the Public

Successful completion of particular skills and seminars, plus the demonstration of essential skills on the water. 

There are four levels in the program:

  • Inland Navigator
  • Coastal Navigator
  • Advanced Coastal Navigator
  • Offshore Navigator

Skills certifications are conducted by qualified USPS BOC Certifiers. For more information, contact our education department.

Post Course Training

All Advanced Grades (Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, and Navigation) have a on-water training component that is not tested nor mandatory. For insurance purposes, the on-water component of Advanced Grades is only available to club Members. The BOC is available to both USPS Members and the Public.

On Water Training is offered upon request.