Join America’s Boating Club ®

What to know:

There are two types of membership in America’s Boating Club®. Individual, or family. Individual membership is for a single person. A family membership includes your spouse/partner, and all children that live in your home. You can purchase your membership here. 

Click here to join as an individual

Click here to join with your family

A few points to be aware of:

⋅ You do NOT need to own a boat to join our club. Many of our member either no longer have a boat, or never have. There are many social aspects of the club that take place on land, and many if not all of our on-water events are accessible via ferry or car.

⋅ If you live in the adjacent territory, or boat in a variety of areas, you can become an associate member of nearby squadrons that will give you many local membership benefits for a nominal fee (after joining) .   America’s Boating Club is one large family

⋅ Membership applications are subject to review by the membership committee and must be approved prior to being granted ‘Active Member’ status. Should your application be rejected, you will be refunded in full within 72hrs.

⋅ There are no ‘minimum requirements’ to join or remain a member. You have the option to be as involved as you desire.

Membership Dues for first year members are as follows:

1 Active Member:          $99.00 (MEMBERSHIP DRIVE RATE)
You and your partner  $149.00 (MEMBERSHIP DRIVE RATE)

(Family Membership include all persons in the immediate family who live in the same household)
Family members have the same rights and privledges as the Active Member.

By joining Great South Bay Power Squadron you are also joining The United States Power Squadrons, and America’s Boating Club. These dues are automatically incorporated into the numbers shown above.