Jump Start Program

Hands-On Training for New Boat Owners


Designed for first time boaters or boaters who have recently upgraded to a larger or different type of boat and would like individualized instruction

What is the Jump Start program?

The Jump Start Program is a free boat handling course provided by Great South Bay. The training program is a hands on, one-on-one on-the-water training session with a student on their own boat;

  • The content of the training is customized to fit the needs of the individual student.
  • The goal is to help the new boat owner develop essential skills for safe operation of their boat, and to break through any barriers that may limit their boating enjoyment.
  • The Jump Start Program provides a personalized, high-quality training experience for the student. It also helps the student integrate into the squadron, and encourages participation in additional squadron training and activities.  

How does the Jump Start Program work?

  • A boater who has a new (or new to them) boat can request a Jump Start orientation session.    
  • The Student is matched with squadron instructor who is experienced with their boat type.
  • The Instructor will  interview the student to determine just what they would like covered in their on the   
    water training session. The instructor and student agree on a training plan and objectives.
  • Using  Jump Start guidelines, the instructor then develops a training plan covering the specific
    things the member is interested in learning on the water. The instructor and student agree on the training plan and objectives.

    The student and instructor will set a time and location for the training session which last 2 hours.  
  • At the agreed time and location the instructor will begin the instruction with a standard safety review, followed by the exercises planned for the training.
  • After the training the instructor will briefly interview the student to gather feedback on the training session in order to improve the program going forward.
  •  The instructor will also provide exercises that student can perform to further improve their skills along with suggested ASPS training the student should consider to further build their boating skills.

Who is the program for?

This program is intended for boaters that need some basic hands-on training in order to operate their boat safely and with confidence.

  • The student should be the owner of a new boat, or a boat new to them.
  • The boat may be of any type or size, as long as we have an instructor with appropriate experience.
  • The student’s boat may be kept in a marina, or may be on a trailer. Launching and retrieving the boat may be part of the training.

Student / Vessel Requirements                                                                                

  • The student should have some boating experience, but has limited experience with a boat of this type.
  • The student has completed the “America’s Boating Course” or equivalent basic boating safety course.
  • The student’s boat must have passed a Vehicle Safety Check (which can be conducted for free by our instructors prior to the on-water training)


What’s Covered:

Downloadable: Skills checklist

Is the training really free?

Yes. No strings attached, It is a 100% free training offered by our organization.


Can I make a donation?

Yes, you can make a 100% tax deductible donation to our educational fund. It helps us develop and offer programs like this to the public.

To do so, visit boatgsb.org/donate

How do I sign up?

Our training area is Patchogue to Babylon on the south shore of Long Island. If your boat is in this area, the first step is to fill our our online contact form here.

Within a few days someone from our team will contact you to schedule your training.

Our instructors are experts on specific boat typs and sizes, so you can be sure that your instructors will be qualified to operate your specific vessel type with you.

If you have any general questions or want to speak with someone prior to scheduling, please e-mail boatGSB@gmail.com or leave a message in our mailbox at 631-433-2628